Experience Works

Summit Land Group  

Specific, Specialized, Experienced, Focused, Results-Oriented - When  Experience Works

Robert J. Turi, President of Summit Land Group with 35 plus years of Real Estate Development encompassing Residential, Urban Infill and Commercial/ Industrial Development Master Plans.

Robert has created over 55,000+ Residential living units, spanning all spectrums of Housing product types and over 15 million square feet of commercial space. He has started up 8 nationally recognized Master Plan Communities and has built 10 championship golf course developments. 

Experience Works When Investment Returns Matter 

Leadership, Strategy, Political Tactician, Driven Operations Management from Land Acquisition and Planning, Due Diligence, Entitlement Approvals, and Negotiator,  Consultant and Vendor Teams selection, along with Critical Path Project Oversight. 

Mr. Turi also models Financial Proformas and produces Underwriting presentations for lenders and JV Equity Venture Proposals as well as a wide network of Debt Financing Entities ready to fund development and construction costs of the project.  Hands-on experience in Infrastructure Construction and Cost Engineering, Purchasing and Change Order Management results in highly competitive pricing for construction costs as well as reduced change orders requested by Vendors.

Mr. Turi with his years of experience as a New Home Builder along with his experience in architectural design and land planning presents fresh new community project designs that mesh together energetically and harmoniously through segmentation and product development programing that help multiple builders all succeed in achieving high absorption sales while not competing with each other within the master plan community for the same buyer. Highly polished and technology-driven Marketing Programming produces significant numbers of interested 'real buyers' and delivers them to the associated builder that is identified as that buyer's best match

Summit Land Group understands this industry and strives with every new project to raise the bar one more notch above his last successful project.