Residential Real Estate Development 

Population growth across America is a fact no matter what the cyclical ups and downs of the economy throws at us. In the end, growth will continue and it is in these times of growth, We feel it is our responsibility to maximize infill opportunities and create living and workplace communities that relieve the burdens of long commute drives, limited recreational amenities and the lack of convenient neighborhood shopping centers to buy for the family's needs. 

The concerns of the Investor and Community is Our Concerns as a Land Company to Solve

Provide Specialized Land Developer Services that lead to Highly Successful Development Opportunities for Residential Development and Building Companies.

Analyze Market Growth Trends in specific Geographic Locations, investigate entitlement options, land plan concept designs, Create Proforma -Feasibility Studies, Develop Soft and Hard Cost Estimates having 30+ years of experience in Horizontal/ Vertical Construction. Offer Developers & Investors Land Development Operation Management Services.

Summit Land Group is a low overhead Developer that can partner with any interested Equity Capital Investors and secure Entitlement Approvals, Construct Finished Lots; Create and Provide Marketing and Sales of Project selling off Parcels or Lots with National Builders.

Summit Land Group can Acquire, Entitle and Construct Master Plan Developments and Urban Infill Communities for Joint Venture or Serve as a Contract Developer